Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Olympics Live Blogging: USA v. Swiss

Finally.  The Olympics have arrived.  Let the games begin. 

  • My pre-game prediction: 5-1 USA 
  • Did Jeremy Roenick really sneak on the broadcast team?  Good Lord! 
  • I love these Swiss jerseys.  They look like a bunch of paramedics skating around the ice.  
  • T.J. Oshie deserves to be on this team. 

  • Ryan Whitney = overrated. 
  • David Backes is a beast.
  • Dustin Brown draws the game's first penalty.
  • That PP was a mess & did Dustin Brown really just take the faceoff on that PP?
  • The Swiss aren't a bad team at all.
  • Bobby Ryan rips a shot high-glove side on Hiller.  Finally.  Thank you David Backes for your hard work.  USA 1 Swiss 0

  • I told you Backes was a beast!  Backes goes coast-to-coast and drives to the net with a power move; noseplug and all.  USA 2 Swiss 0
  • Ryan Malone finds the loose puck as the US crashes the net on PP.  USA 3 Swiss 0
  • Erik Johnson has been USA's best defender.  All over the ice on both ends.
  • Doc Emerick might be the only play-by-play announcer in the world that says, "Waffle-boarded away" on a blocker save.  I love it.  Makes me hungry for breakfast.
  • I sure hope Eddie Olczyz's love-fest with Patrick Kane doesn't last for the entire tournament.  It's getting old quick.

  • Swiss are looking to attack here; US defense loves to pinch.  US is going to get burned here eventually.
  • Physical play is picking up on both-sides.
  • NBC just flashed a shutout stat before the Swiss 2nd PP of the period; Swiss PP goal coming...
  • Did I call it?  Domenicelli?!  He's been all-over the ice.  Nope some other guy...USA 3 Swiss 1
  • I wonder if the Swiss could've kept up this type of attack for the entire game.
  • Tim Gleason > Ryan Whitney
1. David Backes
2. Bobby Ryan
3. Ryan Miller

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