Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bad Night For Everyone

The Kings needed the two points.  The Oilers didn't want the points; they're already looking forward to June's Draft.  

Yet it was the Kings who slept walked through the first two periods and a half before deciding to play.

Don't blame Erik Ersberg for that loss.  There's a reason that last night was only his sixth start of the season.

The Kings went 0-for-6 on the power play.  The Kings PP was painful to watch tonight.  No movement away from the puck equals little success on the man-advantage.

The last five minutes was by far the most entertaining.  The span included Deslaurier's attempt at beheading Doughty and then a spectacular glove save by Ersberg on O'Sullivan's breakaway.

Kings made history again in a shootout that lasted ten rounds.  Watching the replay with my roommate (a non-hockey fan) even recognized the fact that Oilers netminder Jeff Deslauriers used the poke-check nearly every single time.  I mean seriously, you guys are professionals.  

If the Kings were going to lose in the shootout, I knew it was going to be an ex-King.  And sure enough..Lubo came up big.  Speaking of former Kings defensemen, Denis Grebeshkov looked good.  He's an RFA at the end of the year; the Oilers will most certainly be looking to move his $3-million annual salary.
Still don't understand why Terry Murray continues to switch up the lines but hopefully there's a method to the madness because right now the results aren't there.

Oh, and who can forget David Courtney's...Assisted by #6...Sean Oooooo...Suuuullivan!  And then they took the assist away and gave it to Kopitar....That pretty much summed up last night's game.

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