Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eight In A Row?! & No Kovalchuk...

What a game.  Kings were great.  Then bad.  Then great again.  Ivanans and Parros dropped the gloves early and then took their rightful spots at the end of the bench for the rest of the game.  Kopitar continues to roll with another two goals.  Petey took a scary header into the boards but got up like a champ.  Drew Doughty got some revenge on Bobby Ryan.  Quick was average.  And Jack Johnson had himself a career night.  Rich Hammond's Recap.

Big news broke on the Kovalchuk front.  Don Waddell released a statement.  Bottom Line: The Thrashers offered more than $101 million over 12 years to Kovalchuk.  It became obvious that something was happening soon.  At about 4:30, the news broke that Kovalchuk had finally been traded to New Jersey.  Rich Hammond provided a final recap of the Kovalchuk/Kings Recap.
Atlanta sniffed around Dustin Brown, Jack Johnson and Wayne Simmonds, at least one of whom would have had to have been the center of a trade package.
First off, I think the Kings could have put together a stronger package than what Atlanta got without giving up any of those three players.  Bob McKenzie reported that Atlanta was looking to land two of the the Kings trio.  For an extended Kovy; the deal's a no-brainer.  For a rental, pass.

I draw two conclusions from the Ilya Sweepstakes.  Hockey in Atlanta might as well mail it in now.  There's no way this franchise will be around in the next ten years.  Heatley, Hossa and Kovalchuk all gone for average-NHL players and borderline prospects.  But most importantly, don't allow negotiations with your core players to carry on into their contract year.

Had my first real run-in at a game with a so-called Ducks fan last night.  I was telling my friend how dirty the Ducks d-men played especially Steve Eminger.  And then the guy turns around and trys to explain to me that hockey is a rough sport and that it was Eminger's play that won the Ducks a Cup in 2007; do I really need to inform him that Eminger was a Washington Capital that season?  His Kings friend tried to intervene by telling me to back off instead of telling his buddy to turnaround and watch the game but moving on...On queue, Ryan Getzlaf trips up Brownie in the corner.  Kings score on the powerplay.  Annoying Ducks fan takes the walk of shame.

Kings Warm-Up Pictures from last night.  Bring on the Wings!  Bring on Howard!

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