Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kings Make History

Wow.  Quick game recap before the Big Game starts.  I'm not sure how the NFL can follow up that Caps/Pens game.  Not sure what the NHL is thinking when they make their schedule and put that game on the same day as the Super Bowl but moving on...

This is just going to be one long rant.  Partly because Rich Hammond wasn't able to cover the game and well it was just that exciting that I want to recap everything again.

The Wings up 3-0 after one but it didn't feel like it. Filppula's goal was a fluke at best and the Kings zone coverage breakdown with just five seconds left was just bad timing.  The scoreboard read 3-0 but I was feeling like it was more 1-0.  Call me a homer.

Although, I did find myself thinking, "The Wings are looking like the old Wings again.  Tomas Holmstrom looks awesome out there."  Once the Wings get Franzen back; watch out.  The Wings are making the playoffs.

Second period starts.  No Holmstrom?  Sweet!  Kings gain some momentum. The Kings third line made things happen.  Handzus and Frolov did their best Red Wings impression and just dominated the puck.  The Kings crashed the net.  And all of a sudden, the games tied.  It all happened that fast.  Seriously.  I was having flashbacks to 2001, but instead of seeing Osgood sprawled out it was our good friend, Jimmy Howard.

Third period.  It felt like the referees were really letting the teams play.  And then Greener takes a high-sticking penalty.  And then Scuds gets called for interference which I thought was going to be the call that cost the Kings their comeback.  Kings kill them both off.  Momentum swings again.  And who wins it?  ZEUS!

Game over.  Kings Win 4-3.  Wings Lose.  Record 9 Straight Wins.  Bring on the Quackers!

If you missed the game, check out's video highlights.

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