Monday, February 22, 2010

My Apologies To Brian Burke

I owe an apology to Brian Burke and Team USA.  I was highly critical of one selection on their 23-man roster.  Chris Drury just didn't fit in my eyes.  Drury had 22 points in 57 games for the Rangers leading up to the Olympics.  He had been relegated to fourth-line duty at times this season.  He didn't seem to earn his spot on this roster.  I felt that Blues young forward T.J. Oshie had done everything to solidify his place on this team.  I still feel that way but I understand now, after Drury's performance vs. Canada, why the Rangers captain is on this squad.

He does everything and anything his team needs to win the game.  He always makes the smart play and rarely makes a mistake.  He's one of Team USA's best penalty killers; he constantly gets his stick in the passing lanes and blocks shots with the best of them.  His sprawling block attempt on Drew Doughty's point shot epitomizes the type of player Drury is.  On offense, he goes to the high-traffic areas and has no problem mixing it up with the Pronger's and Weber's.

I'm happy Chris Drury has proved me wrong.  But in 2014, make no mistake about it.  T.J. Oshie will be on Team USA instead of Drury.  Oshie is ten years younger and is already showcasing many of the same skills that has helped Drury earn his reputation as one of the best leaders in hockey.

A glimpse at the future of USA hockey.

***UPDATE #1***

Apparently, I'm not the only one apologizing to Brian Burke and Chris Drury.  A former outspoken King turned TV Color Analyst is doing the same.

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