Monday, March 8, 2010

Breakfast With The GM

I would recap the Breakfast with Dean Lombardi earlier this morning but there was really nothing to report.  Read Hammer's recap for full details.

Day old bagels and danishes.  Bottled juices and coffee.  A slight step-up from the pre-packaged danishes they served at the last one.

The event was packed.  Got there around 10 and there was no parking to be found.

Dean gave his usual ten-minute answers to every question and handed off the tough ones to Assistant GM Ron Hextall.

The highlight of the event was hearing Dean speak about changing the culture.  And he pulled up a slide of what he expected from his players.  What it mean to be a King.  What it took to be a good teammate and so forth.  He spoke with such passion and fire.  I almost felt like I was a prospect at the Kings Development Camp minus the talent and multi-million dollar contract.

Anyways, I appreciate that the leadership team provides this platform for dialogue between their core fanbase and the team.  Not many teams allow this type of access into the operations side of the team, especially ones that haven't made the playoffs in ten years.  Hopefully, they'll continue to host this event for a long-time.

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