Monday, March 8, 2010

Get Well Soon Bob!

If you had a chance to watch the Kings-Habs game on television like me you had yourself a bit of a scare last night.  The broadcast started off with Patrick O'Neal.

It's never a good thing when Patrick starts off a broadcast.  He went on to inform Kings fans that Bob Miller would not be doing the play-by-play and that Jim Fox would be stepping in for the night.  Phew.  What a relief. 

Until we heard Foxy.  Foxy the analyst is good.  Foxy the play-by-play man not so much.  I wanted to watch the game but it was so hard to listen to Foxy deliver the play-by-play the same way he delivers his analysis as the color man.  Short segments.  All Night.  Kings dump it in...Andrei Markov back to get it....Bad pass by the Canadiens....Kings dump it in...Nothing happening...Kings reset...Nothing happening.

I love Bob Miller.  I grew up wanting to become a sportscaster and I idolized L.A.'s trio of Hall of Fame broadcasters: Miller, Chick Hearn and Vin Scully.  And last night made me appreciate him that much more.  His delivery is so easy and free-flowing.  Of all the sports, hockey is the hardest to do.  The speed and the action is at such a high-pace and intensity; you have to appreciate a good play-by-play man when you've got one.

Anyways, thank the Lord that the Kings have adjusted their broadcasting teams while Bob Miller recovers from shingles.  Nick Nickson is awesome and should have been doing the game last night;  I wonder if the Kings contacted Jeremy Roenick to step-in and provide some analysis?

Bob Miller is recovering from the virus commonly known as shingles and will not be a part of the broadcasts for the Kings’ next two games, tomorrow night at Staples Center and Wednesday at Chicago (FSN is not televising Friday’s game at Dallas). Television duties will be handled by Nick Nickson and Jim Fox, while Mike Kalinowski (the Kings’ manager for communications and public relations) and Daryl Evans will work the radio side.
Shingles is no joke.  It took my Grandpa at least month to fully recover.  Get well soon Bob.  Kings fans need you back!

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