Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm No Barry Melrose But...

I've played alot of NHL10 on my PS3.

Their overall PP has been very good in March; succeeding at a 30% (15 for 50) clip.

The Kings power play versus the Wild was frustrating to watch.   Two 5-on-3 PP's.  One of them for 50 seconds.  The other for a full two minutes.  And yet the Kings can't capitalize.

I'm no Barry Melrose.  But I don't understand why Kings continue to set up their 5-on-3 PP in a 'umbrella formation.'  That formation is fine if you've got Alexander Ovechkin firing one-timers or Mike Cammalleri for that matter.  Both of those guys are snipers; they hit the net.

Jarret Stoll is a not a sniper.  He's a good player with a decent shot.  He's Fulton Reed (shameful Mighty Ducks Movie plug). 

"One out of five."  That's about how often Stollie hits the net.

On a 5-on-3, the Kings need to move the puck down low and look to work off a cycle.  Or look to pass in the slot.  Or backdoor.  Or better yet just like the good old days with Rob Blake cutting down to the net weak side.  Send Drew Doughty as the rover and have him go backdoor.  But their current setup isn't working. 

Passing the puck from one sideboard to the point to the other sideboard.  Pass.  Pass.  Pass.  Blocked shot.  I can't watch much more of this.

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