Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kings Are Tired

After watching the Kings hold on in two games against Colorado.  Watching them get dominated by the Blues.  And then get dominated again tonight versus the Stars on home ice.  I came to one conclusion.

The Kings are tired.  Some would say the Kings are catching some bad breaks with officials.  That might be true but the Kings have been back on their heels for a while.  Time to step up their game.  Soon.

This group has never been in this position before; playing games that mattered in late-March.  And it's beginning to show.

It's been widely discussed that Jonathan Quick hasn't played this many games.  And it's becoming clear he hasn't gotten his game on track since that extended Olympic break.

Drew Doughty looked outstanding in the Olympics.  Since returning; he looks spent.  I've never seen him turn the puck over more than once in a game.  It's become more frequent with each game.

I don't know what they're going to do.  I've got a few ideas.

Keep Ivanans in the press box.
Sit Jeff Halpern.  I was excited about the acquisition.  He's not the same player I remember.  He looks a step slow on the ice; I'd attribute it to the torn ACL he suffered two years ago while playing for Team USA at the World Championships.

Sorry Manchester but we're stealing the kids.  Call up Loktionov/Moller, Voynov and Bernier.

The Kings need offense.  Moller/Loktionov will bring it.  
The Kings need a puck-moving defenseman.  Voynov is the closest we have to it.
Quick needs a rest.  Bernier showed what he could do against Dallas.  In Dallas.  Le'ts see what he can do.

For now.  The Kings need to dig deep and get some points.  Soon. 

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