Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ovechkin: Dirty or Reckless?

I blogged earlier this year and claimed Ovy was a dirty player.

After thinking about it a bit more.  I think he plays the game so hard that he's more reckless than anything else.  I don't think he has intent to injure other players.

He wants the puck.  He wants to shoot the puck.  He wants to shoot the puck into the net.  It's pretty much that simple. 

His borderline push/hit on Brian Campbell cost him two games and Campbell the season.  The sad thing is the hit didn't deserve a suspension as much as a couple of his other hits earlier this season.

Now Matt Cooke is a whole other story.  He's a dirty player with the intent to injure and he has a track record yet, no suspension?  Come on NHL.  Get your act together.

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