Thursday, April 29, 2010

2009-10 Season Review: Goaltending

This will be the first-installment of my Season In Review.  My thoughts on each player's 2009-10 season and what to expect in 2010-11 from them.  I've also included my Fantasy Projections for fun.  In honor of Dean Lombardi; we'll start from the net out. 

The Kings goaltending this year was great at times and terrible at others. And when I say Kings goaltending; I really mean Jonathan Quick. Terry Murray admitted to possibly playing Quick too much to secure a high-seed in the playoffs. That decision hurt the Kings more than it helped them down the stretch and ultimately cost them in the playoffs.  

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Jonathan Quick
Projection: 61 GP, 32 W, 2.62 GAA, .915 SV%, 6 SO
2009-10 Stats: 72 GP, 39 W, 2.54 GAA, .907 SV%, 4 SO
It was insane how much Terry Murray used Quick. You could of blamed defensive lapses and poor coverage at times but really Quick’s numbers just weren’t very good. He had an outstanding January and than the wheels came off. His performance in Game One was awesome but he was back to his old ways soon after. His 3.50 GAA and .884 SV% both ranked 16th among the 19 goaltenders who started a game in the first round.

FINAL GRADE: B-; Quicker gave the Kings average goaltending, which is something L.A.’s been searching for since the days of Roman Cechmanek. Quick’s a solid 1A/1B goaltender but make no mistake about it; the Kings net belongs to Bernier next year.  Signed thru 2012-13.

Erik Ersberg
Projection: 21 GP, 8 W, 2.78 GAA, .903 SV%, 1 SO
2009-10 Stats: 11 W, 2.40 GAA, .906 SV%, 0 SO
Poor EE. Really. Terry Murray ignored him for months at a time and that ultimately cost the team. When Ersberg started; he played reasonably well. His clutch victory over Colorado in the final game of the regular season nearly propelled the Kings into the 5th seed. Unfortunately, Ersberg’s 2010 season will probably be best remembered for one of two things: The Kings decision to call-up and start Bernier over Ersberg on March 12th in Dallas or his two-save performance in relief of Quick in Game Five; only to yanked and replaced with Quick.

FINAL GRADE: B-; Ersberg did everything a backup goaltender is supposed to do. Terry Murray never trusted EE. With Bernier coming to LA next year; it’ll be a tough go for Ersberg I still think he’s a capable NHL backup.  Signed thru 2010-11.

Jonathan Bernier
Projection: N/A
2009-10 Stats: 3 GP, 3 W, 1.30 GAA, .957 SV%, 1 SO
You couldn’t really ask for anything more from Bernier in his brief stints with the Kings this year. He led the Kings in a shootout victory in Dallas and a memorable one in Nashville; a team they hadn’t beat in their last seven games dating back to 2007.

FINAL GRADE: INCOMPLETE; 2010-11 belongs to Bernier. He’s done everything the Kings have asked him to do in Manchester. If he leads the Monarchs to the Calder Cup; it’ll just be icing on the cake. The Kings may start out with a Nashville-type split in goal to start next season but it’ll be Bernier’s net by the All-Star break.

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