Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drew Doughty Even More Awesome

Drew Doughty was the Kings best player during the regular season and the playoffs.  He led all defenseman in scoring in the first-round. It's unfortunate that Norris Trophy voting took place before the opening round because he outplayed both of his competitors for the award: Duncan Keith and Mike Green.  And it sounds like Doughty was playing hurt.
"Doughty has been nursing quite a few injuries, actually. The biggest problem that he has right now, probably, is the sprained thumb, sprained wrist."
Sprained thumb? No Big.  Sprained wrist?  No worries.  He's a gamer.  Check him out yappin during Game Three...
"Keep yappin' buddy, keep yappin'. I got all day. Come down my way, come down my way. Come down here. I'll f''n hipcheck the (stuff) out of you."

Canada loves Drew Doughty too.  Check out his Inside Hockey profile on CBC's Hockey Night In Canada that aired during Game Two.  Another reason why Canada's coverage is superior to anything we get here; sorry Heidi. 

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