Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The RFA's...

The Kings have three RFA's that they have to decide what to do with.  Helene Elliot might actually give Parse and Clune a chance.  Read her comments and my thoughts on the Kings Three RFAs after the jump...

Brad Richardson, $600,000; 11 goals, 16 assists. Kings were 11-0-1 when he scored. A useful "energy" player though he's small and not physical enough to be an effective checker.
He may have been one of the most confusing acquisitions Dean Lombardi has made during his tenure with the Kings.  For a GM and franchise that covets draft picks especially those in the first-three rounds; the acquisition didn't make sense.  After the 2008-09 season, Richie looked like a younger, less-skilled version of Brian Willsie.  A league-average player that could spend the rest of his years in the AHL/ECHL without anyone noticing.  And then really out of nowhere, came this energy.  This constant high-energy from Richie.  And Kings fans and the coaching staff took notice.  Gave him more ice-time.  Gave him time on the penalty kill and he thrived.  He's got jump, decent hands and is a pest on the forecheck.  He was a nice compliment to Handzus and Modin on the third-line with his speed.  The Kings him back, hopefully in the 700K-900K range.

Scott Parse, $550,000; 11 goals, 24 points in 59 games. Murray loves to talk about Parse's "highlight reel goals" but didn't give him enough ice time for him to produce consistently.
Parse is a tough one to figure out.  Obviously, he can put up points.  But some need to be reminded that Parse is an old rookie at 25 after spending four years at the University of Nebraska and he lost a year of development during the 2007-08 season with injuries.  He didn't do much for the Kings when he was slotted on their checking-line and like Tedward; Parse is the type of player that really needs to be in a team's top-six to be productive.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings let Parse walk this off-season.  If the Kings can bring him back on a two-way deal with similar cap hit; go for it. 

Rich Clune, $562,000; 2 points, 26 penalty minutes in 14 games. Agitator who had to be cautioned to stop yapping during warmups in the playoffs. Brings a goofy energy.
'The Clunatic' really didn't do much during his brief stint with the Kings.  I was excited because I heard some Chris Neil comparisions.  I may be a bit biased in my opinion because I'm still longing for the return of Lauri Tukonen.  Either way, Clune didn't do much to help or hurt his NHL-stock.  He's obviously an agitator that skates well and is willing to drop the gloves.  Unfortunately, the highlight of his season will be chasing Rick Rypien, the Manny Pacquiao of the NHL, in Game Five and getting destroyed.  Clune's still young and could be a serviceable fourth-line player for the Kings.  Sign him to a similar cap hit and see how he develops.

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