Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 NHL Awards Running Commentary

Just sat down in time for the Calder Trophy...let's see how this goes...

CALDER TROPHY (Rookie of the Year)
Tyler Myers...I called this one months ago.  Most hockey players are men of few words.  I think Tyler just thanked me in that speech.   Good Lord that was long.  He'll be battling Doughty for the Norris for the next 15 years.

FRANK J. SELKE (Defensive Forward)
Pavel of my favorite NHL players.  One of the best offensive players who can take the puck away from just about anybody on the forecheck.  He's one of the best players in the world but man...he's the exact reason why the NHL won't ever be on par with the NBA or NFL.  Can't understand a word he's saying during his speech.

Patrick Kane.  How sleezy is this guy.  Answering questions with his arm around the Playboy bunny.  No doubt he's the one who beat up that cabbie.  He sure is enjoying life.

TED LINDSAY AWARD (MVP voted by players)
Alexander Ovechkin?...Interesting choice.  I would've got Sid.  Ovie's got a nice tan working there though; looks like he's taken full advantage of Las Vegas.  And they cut him off.  And he's back!

This Ryan Getzlaf/Bobby Ryan skit is pretty hilarious.  
Steven Stamkos.  Silver Suit?!  Nice!  Heidi's got the twins out tonight too.  Remember Heidi.  No drinking & driving.

Best NHL Awards Show in a long time...

JACK ADAMS (Coach of the Year)
Dave Tippett.  No-brainer. I wonder if Dallas is kicking themselves for letting him go?  Pretty sure the Stars have more talent than the Coyotes.  But moving on.  Poor Barry Trotz.  Got to feel for the guy.

VEZINA (Top Goaltender)
Ryan Miller.  What a season.  He's an American Hero.  Deserved to win the Gold.  Wow.  He's super nervous.  His hand is shaking.  He thanked his Stanley Cup-winning brother Drew.  How nice of him.

Jay Mohr is pretty funny.  He just did a Tracy Morgan impression that was spot on.

BILL MASTERTON (perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey)
Jose Theodore.  Lost his two-month year old son.  Founded Saves For Kids.  The Masterton trophy will look good next to his Vezina. 

Norm Macdonald impression.  Nice...haha

KING CLANCY (Leadership: On & Off the ice)
Shane Doan.  He's an awesome hockey player.  And he's stuck it out in Phoenix all these years.  Jerry Bruckheimer presenting the award.  Wonder if the NHL can work something out with him and the Yotes.

LADY BYNG (Sportsmanship)
Martin St. Louis.  94 points.  12 PIMs.  He kind of speaks like one of those Italian mobsters, no?  FYI.  Anze Kopitar finished fourth.

NORRIS (Top Defenseman)
Two former Hawks presenting?  Guess it's going to be Duncan Keith...
Doughty robbed.  Straight up.  I guess they felt bad for him after he lost all his teeth during the playoffs.  They're cutting him off with the music.  It's not stopping him!  He can thank Tyler Myers for taking up the first 20 minutes of the show.  Oh wow.  And now they just cut him off...haha

WOW.  Voting just in.  Keith (1.096), Green (831), Doughty (662).  Seriously?  East-coast bias?  Good Lord.  How quickly writers forget how Doughty was Keith's right hand man for Canada while Green was watching on TV with the rest of us.  Terrible.

Christopher Walken impression...NICE.  Jay Mohr's pulling out all the stops tonight.

Henrik Sedin.  Wowzers.  Wait.  I think that's Daniel up there.  Those sneaky Sedins.

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