Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bill Plaschke Likes Hockey?!

Bill Plaschke says, "I Like Hockey!"
If you didn't read the Sunday L.A. Times you missed out a rare gem.  Bill Plaschke, one of the last sports columnists at the Times decided to write an article about our beloved Kings.  Read it here.  If you don't want to read it all; here's the Cliffnotes version: Plaschke can't believe that Kings players actually like spending time with each other.  The Kings are winning and the rest of Los Angeles should start jumping on the bandwagon with him.  Now for my favorite part of the article. 

I'm not sure if Plaschke was using some sort of literary device to exaggerate how little he knows about the game of hockey but I had to read it over twice because it read so terrible...
But until then, they are fun enough that even while UCLA's Kai Forbath was kicking a game-winning field goal against Oregon State on Saturday night, I was perfectly jazzed watching as Kopitar took a pass off the boards from Brown, juked two Nashville defenders and stuck the puck in the upper corner of the net.
Juked?  I believe the word he's looking for is 'deked.'
...stuck the puck in the upper corner of the net? Shot the puck top shelf sounds a bit better, eh?

I'm going to e-mail him right now...

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