Friday, December 17, 2010

VERTIGO!...& Marco Sturm...::Yawn::...

Sturm Sometimes Wears Eye Black To Intimidate His Opponents
First off, vertigo is no joke.  I woke up with ringing in the ear and the room spinning.  It's been two weeks now; after a trip to the ER and a trip to the doctor's office...the spinning has gone away and only the ringing remains.  My symptoms were so severe that I was forced to miss Jarome Iginla's first-visit to Staples Center this season.  I'll have to wait until March to debut my converted Patrick O'Sullivan #12 game worn jersey that now reads IGINLA.  Moving on...

So Sturm is a King after all.  Yippee.  And the Kings ended up saving themselves a few bucks in the process.  The Kings got a 32-year old seven-time 20-goal scorer for free.  Well, not free.  They'll be paying him a little under $2.5 million for the remainder of the season which should leave them plenty of cap space to acquire Brad Richards when Dean Lombardi grows a pair (w0ah, thaaat was harsh; must still have a bit of vertigo...).
If you caught his interview with Jim Fox during the second-intermission of the Kings/Blues game; Sturm seems like a likable guy that smiles alot and you can understand why many of his Bruins' teammates were so bummed to see him leave.  Marc Savard on 'Sturmie':
“...I’ll remember most I think, the play when I set him up when he first returned from his first knee surgery in ’09 and him just thanking me. He was a class act. He’s going to get a great chance at a Cup there and they’re getting a great person and a great player in LA. I wish him nothing but the best unless he’s playing us.”
Nice to know that Marc Savad thinks of us as Cup contenders, eh?  Sturm gave a scouting report of himself: speed, speed...speed and I can score goals.  He's had major surgery on both knees so let's hope that his speed comes back sooner than later.  The Kings have set a tentative return date of December 23rd.  We'll see...

I'm still bitter about losing out on Tomas Fleischmann.  Flash has found instant chemistry with Matt Duchene in Colorado and quickly put up 10 points in seven games for the Avs.  He'll be a UFA at the end of the season if the Avs don't lock him up before then.  Would be a nice secondary option to Brad Richards and Paul Kariya...of course.


  1. Richards, Fleischmann and Kariya. That's not a bad 2nd line. But where does Iginla fit in once the Kings pull the trigger?

  2. I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact that Paul Kariya's career may very well be over....

    11 games and 11 points shy of 1,000...

    I really thought Fleischmann could have helped this team now and be part of 'the core' going forward. Looks like he'll be an Av for a while now...

    It does leave us the two biggest fish in the pond.

    I think the Flames would rather lose WITH IGINLA than attempt to re-build by trading him.

    So by default, the Kings will most likely pursue Brad Richards at the deadline. Balk at the asking price. Pursue him in free agency. Lose out to the New York Rangers. And bring Brayden Schenn in next season to center the 2nd line after drop Stoll to the third.

    But who knows!