Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Blame Game

LetsGoKings.com has come to the conclusion that Dustin Brown is the problem for all the team's failures That notion is absolutely ridiculous.  And here's the reasons why.  I stole a few quotes from the original posters argument.
Dustin Brown is a poor hockey player, and a terrible choice to lead "the room".
A poor hockey player doesn't make the Team USA Olympic Team.  And as far as leadership goes; his play and reputation earned him an 'A' on his sweater for Team USA over the likes of Chris Drury aka The Great American Hero.  Next.
Dustin plays for penalties. On three separate occasions tonight Brown skated INTO contact to try and draw a call instead of working hard and forcing his will thru tight checking. He is almost as bad a diver as Avery.
He draws penalties yet doesn't get called for diving like Avery did.  Isn't that a good thing?  This would be a non-issue if the Kings could succeed on their 5-on-3 opportunities.  My solution to that problem.  Next.
You want a wussified quitter as the Captain of your team?
Besides the use of the word 'wussified,' this entire statement is bogus.  He's got 270 hits this season, nearly 100 more than the next Kings forward.  Tell Ivanans to fight somebody.  Tell Clune to fight somebody.  What's Brown got to do to keep Kings fans satisfied?  Lead the team in Hits AND Goals.  Next.
No player in Kings history makes as many consistently bone-headed, stupid, near-retarded level of plays as Dustin Brown, but he never sees the pine.
Kings history?  Wow.  That's a lot of players.  Let's just look at players this season: Sean O'Donnell? Jack Johnson? Raitis Ivanans?  Drew Doughty?  Jonathan Quick?  If you benched every player after a mistake; the Kings would have no one to send over the bench.  It's true.  Fro might be the only player punished for a mistake.
Is it the hitting? The high-pressure forecheck? Guess what, Cal Clutterbuck does the same goddam thing, but nobody in their right mind puts that simp out on an absolutely CRUCIAL 5-on-3. What did Brown do? He shat the bed as he ALWAYS does.
Cal Clutterbuck is 22 years old.  When Brown was 22, he scored 13 of his 17 goals on the PP.  Next.
Jim Fox wanted sooooo badly to blast Dustin tonight after that 5-on-3 abortion, but he held back.
So this idiot's a psychic now too?  Him and Miss Cleo should team up and do palm readings at the Bailey's Buddies Table.  Get out of here.  Next.
This organization gave Dustin Brown a line of credit that he never earned, and has little chance of paying back.  Bite the bullet Dean, this chump ain't worth it.
The Kings gave him a six-year deal worth $19.05 million back in 2007.  He promptly went out in 2008 and scored 33 goals.  I'd say he earned it.  Now just for fun.  Let's look at some names of right wingers in the 25-30 year old range making more that Brownie: Zubrus, Williams, Clowe, Ryder, Dumont, Hartnell, Lupul, Gionta, Hossa, Pominville, Perry and Iginla.

Besides the obvious choices of Hossa, Perry and Iginla. I wouldn't take Brown over any of these guys.
In parentheses, the # of goals this year and their career-high in goals:
Zubrus (8, 23), Justin Williams (8, 33), Clowe (19, 22), Ryder (16, 30), Dumont (16, 29), Hartnell (14, 30), Lupul (10, 28), Gionta (25, 48), Pominville (23, 34).
Only Gionta and Pominville have scored more.  Gionta's a $5-million cap hit til 2014.  Pominville a $5.5-million cap hit til 2014.  I'll pass on both of those contracts.

To be fair, here's a look at the list of right wingers making $3-million this season, nearly the same cap hit as Brownie.
Versteeg (17, 22), Cheechoo (5, 56), Byfuglien (16, 19), Kotalik (10, 25), Vrbata ( 23, 27).
Again.  I'm not taking Brown over any of those guys.  Keep in mind that this is goals only.  Nothing else.  Brown's a rare blend of toughness, grit, offensive awareness and GOALS that you rarely find.

Kings fans are obviously frustrated.  Maybe the fans are disgusted with themselves because they felt Brown could develop into Iginla-lite after his 33-goal breakout in 2008.  Whatever the case may be, they'll never be satisfied.  They ran Mike Cammalleri out of town a year before he was traded.  And yet two years have passed and here we are pleading for a sniper.  Ah.

Kings fans need to learn.  Watch a Cammalleri highlight film and play Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone) by Cinderella.

Get over yourselves.  We're on the cusp of making the playoffs for the first-time since 2001.  Put down the torches and pitchforks and Enjoy it. 

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