Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thank You & You're Welcome!

Eight Goals?!  I'm speechless!

The Kings came to play.  Henrik Sedin was lost without his twin brah.  And the Kings capitalized on their chances with a little help from Bobby Lu. Jonathan Bernier played well enough for the victory (although the two goals shortside were  a bit disappointing).

Roberto Luongo was bad.  In his defence, he was probably five goals bad.  Not eight.  A few pucks actually bounced the Kings way and they took advantage overwhelming the Canucks.

Dustin Brown fed off all the support and love I gave him in my last blog post; Netting his second career hat trick; capping off a four point night for the Kings captain.

And the Kings 5-on-3 PP!  Did anyone see how they set it up?  No more UMBRELLA!  Overload.  Overload!  Overload! 

I saw good movement and some nice backdoor chances created.  Didn't score but it looked alot better than before.  I'm pretty sure Terry Murray and Jamie Kompon are loyal readers.  So you're welcome, guys!

Since Calgary beat the Avs tonight.  They're now tied in points.  The Kings CANNOT clinch versus the Ducks.  Hammer has the breakdown.

Can Yooooou DIG it?!

Here's a few shots I took of the Canucks warming up.  I tried to rush over to snap some shots of Bernier but it was too late.  Oh well.  Next season!

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